SPC Floor JD-060

Short Description:

Fire rating: B1

Waterproof grade: complete

Environmental protection grade: E0

Others: CE/SGS

Specification: 1210 * 183 * 6mm

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New house decoration, some family floor full shop wood floor, but for a long time, wood floor deformation, warping edge, not waterproof, now this material is particularly popular in foreign countries, the real 0 formaldehyde, not deformation, no wonder popular~

SPC floor is mainly made of calcium powder, which is composed of PUR Crystal Shield transparent layer, wear-resistant layer, color film layer, SPC polymer substrate layer and soft and silent rebound layer. It is very popular in foreign home decoration market, and it is suitable for home floor.

SPC floor in the production process without glue, so does not contain formaldehyde, benzene and other harmful substances, the real 0 formaldehyde green floor, will not cause harm to the human body.

Because SPC floor is composed of wear-resistant layer, mineral rock powder and polymer powder, it is not afraid of water naturally, and there is no need to worry about the problem of deformation and mildew caused by blisters on the floor at home. Waterproof, mildew effect is very good, so toilet, kitchen, balcony can be used.

The surface of SPC floor is treated by pur Crystal Shield, so it has good thermal insulation performance. Even if you step on it barefoot, it won't be cold. It's very comfortable. Moreover, it adds rebound technology layer, which has good flexibility. Even if you bend 90 degrees repeatedly, you don't have to worry about falling pain. It's very suitable for families with old people and children.

SPC floor will be very "astringent" after encountering water, that is, the friction force will become larger, and the anti-skid performance is very good. Its wear resistance is also very high, that is, the use of steel ball on the floor back rub, there will be no scratches, service life of more than 20 years.

Moreover, SPC floor is very light, with a weight of only 2-7.5kg per square meter, which is 10% of ordinary floor materials. It can effectively save space height and reduce the bearing capacity of the building.

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Test Report

Test Report

Parameter Table

Surface Texture Wood Texture
Overall Thickness 6mm
Underlay(Optional) EVA/IXPE(1.5mm/2mm)
Wear Layer 0.2mm. (8 Mil.)
Size specification 1210 * 183 * 6mm
Technical data of spc flooring
Dimentional stability/ EN ISO 23992 Passed
Abrasion resistance/ EN 660-2 Passed
Slip resistance/ DIN 51130 Passed
Heat resistance/ EN 425 Passed
Static load/ EN ISO 24343 Passed
Wheel caster resistance/ Pass EN 425 Passed
Chemical resistance/ EN ISO 26987 Passed
Smoke density/ EN ISO 9293/ EN ISO 11925 Passed

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